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Our lives are full of in-betweens. The in-between between the hot summer and the cool fall, between applying for a job and getting it, between now and the next vacation.

In meditation, as you rest on the natural in-between of the exhalation and the inhalation, you train your mind to give up waiting for the “right moment” to be at ease.

As you meditate, rest your awareness on your out-breath until you meet a natural pause where you can rest until your body knows to naturally breathe back in again. This is meditation, the practice of experiencing the in-between.

Whenever you catch yourself getting restless, waiting for the meditation to be over, you can choose to settle into the moment a little more.

In the same way, you can attempt to give up the speed in your daily experience by settling into each moment rather than waiting for it to be over. You can choose to live your life during these “in-betweens” rather than waiting for that elusive next moment.

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