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Meditation for Higher Performance

Performance relies on one’s ability to utilize their skills and cognitive capacity to the best of their potential. This requires being able to focus on the task at hand. Meditation trains the brain to reduce mind-wandering and disciplines it to stay focused on the present.

Outsmart Your bias with Mindfulnes

With globalization, as our workplaces become more diverse, we increasingly collaborate with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Without evolving our outdated sense of Us and Them, we are distanced from the culture we envision.

Through educating the people in your organization of their own and others’ tendencies for bias, creating a safe and curious environment conducive to growth, and by arming the teams with practical skills to outsmart their natural inclination for bias- we can evolve to thrive in the dynamically diverse environment.

Mindful Leadership Workshop

In today’s time of rapid change, uncertainty and hyperconnectivity, what leaders need most is the capacity to weed through the noise and focus on what matters most. It’s through this kind of focus that leaders are able to create the space to innovate, to be present enough to build deep relationships with their team members, and just as importantly, create healthy boundary so they are fulfilled both in their personal and professional life.

This approach to deliberately living and leading is called Mindful Leadership.