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Research shows that persistent stress kills brain cells, slows the production of new brain cells, and quite literally shrinks the size of our brain. It is no wonder that stress negatively impacts our performance and our ability to connect.

While we can’t eliminate all the stressors in our lives to protect our brains, we do have some options.

Numerous research on meditation and mindfulness have shown that deliberate pauses throughout the day can alleviate stress and its negative impact.

Here are two simple techniques to take mindful pauses throughout the day are:

Use your breath as an anchor to recenter your awareness: For just a few minutes, pay attention to your body breathing so you know when you are breathing in and when you are breathing out.

Use whatever activity you are engaged in as your anchor: Pay full attention to what you are doing. For example, if you are eating your lunch, be aware of the temperature, aroma, taste of the food, and the act of eating.

There, you gave your mind the rest and recharging it needed. Use every opportunity to take these Mindful Pauses throughout the day!

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