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Organizations are looking for ways to bring impactful, engaging, and inspiring programs to their employees. Pema’s training programs, centered around the topics of mindfulness, performance, leadership, and DEI, provide employees with robust education and practical implementation tools. Her programs have time and again resulted in lasting change and growth for each participant.

Pema combines her deep knowledge of neuroscience and mindfulness with awe-inspiring delivery to educate, entertain and empower. With the possibility of either virtual or in-person program delivery, you can bring Pema’s expertise to your people, no matter where they are located.  

Pema has led well-being & DEI programs at organizations such as General Motors, John Hancock, Harbor Capital & Open Systems.  She’ll make your next employee training program an impactful and unforgettable experience!

Mindful Performance Program

Whether in a team of salespeople, marketers, or engineers - performance relies on one's ability to utilize their skills and cognitive capacity to the best of their potential. This requires being able to focus on the task at hand. Mindful performance program helps high performers get the edge by training their minds to reduce mind-wandering, manage stress, and tap onto their creativity to perform at the top of their game. 

Outsmart Your bias with Mindfulnes

With globalization, as our workplaces become more diverse, we increasingly collaborate with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Without evolving our outdated sense of Us and Them, we are distanced from the culture we envision.

Through educating the people in your organization of their own and others' tendencies for bias, creating a safe and curious environment conducive to growth, and by arming the teams with practical skills to outsmart their natural inclination for bias- we can evolve to thrive in the dynamically diverse environment.

Mindful Leadership Program

In today’s time of rapid change, uncertainty and hyperconnectivity, what leaders need most is the capacity to weed through the noise and focus on what matters most. It’s through this kind of focus that leaders are able to create the space to innovate, to be present enough to build deep relationships with their team members, and just as importantly, create healthy boundary so they are fulfilled both in their personal and professional life.

This approach to deliberately living and leading is called Mindful Leadership.

Organizational Wellbeing Program

Time and again research shows that the key to retaining talent and bringing out employee excellence is to take genuine care of their well-being & growth. Today Fortune 500 companies such as Goldman Sachs, Aetna, Google, and BlackRock are successfully leveraging the power of mindfulness programs to nurture employee well-being and performance. Work with Pema to curate a custom program to support your employee wellbeing initiative. Through live and on-demand resources, equip your people with skills and tools to thrive in their personal and professional life.

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Fill a room of financial advisors with unique and valuable content to support their personal and professional growth.


Engage and inspire your people to create a sustainable, innovative, and inclusive culture.

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Empower your attendees with inspiring content that shows them how to take charge of their performance & well-being.

Meet Pema

Born and raised in Nepal, Pema Sherpa has been training in mindfulness principles for over two decades. Having earned her Master’s from Harvard University, studying mind- body relationship. She founded Pema Solutions to help workplace boost employee wellbeing, productivity, and inclusion. 

She is passionate about teaching mindfulness practice without stripping away its robust philosophical and scientific implications while keeping it relevant and accessible.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I thoroughly enjoyed your sessions and would like to pursue mindfulness more. My biggest take-away was the ability to step back and refocus/reframe my mind to become calmer, more empathetic and patient and less reactive. I feel that the improved mental clarity and empathy gained through meditation will help improve my skills and effectiveness as a leader within the organization and make me a better person in general.


I have found the course so valuable and have now incorporated time every day to reflect on the day and meditate. I am feeling the benefits of it and am finding myself taking time out to breathe when things start getting a bit stressful to calm myself down and let me approach things with a more rational mindset.

Georgie B.Head of Channel Marketing

How these sessions have impacted me personally and as a leader, I think it all comes back to balance. I can't say that I am 100% on my daily meditation practice but I absolutely notice a difference in the way I feel on the days I do. I’d put my hit % at about 70% of the time. On those days I do feel calmer and more present and have an increased ability to take the daily pressures with a more balanced approach.

Andrew A.DVP

I love the workshop you designed for us! Personally I’m a big believer of meditation and mindfulness. Appreciate the effort you made to educate us on this important aspect of living.

Chenmei W.Research Analyst

Interactive and insightful bias workshop! I learned that we can only respect and tolerate different opinions by relying on views based on a respectful facts and ethical foundation.

Moritz M.Chief Strategy Officer

Thank you for shedding light on this very delicate but important topic in an effective manner.

Silvan S.VP Product Marketing

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